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Put your energy into what you do best - we'll handle the books

Your small business is growing and you find yourself without the time or expertise to fully manage your finances on your own. You need someone to take the reigns, so that your time and energy can be better spent on realizing your passion.


Specializing in small business accounting for over 35 years, Covington Accounting takes care of your books and finances, so you can focus on running your business. 


When you become our client, we become your business partners and deliver backend support for all of your financial needs.


Every month or quarter we will provide:

  • Bank Reconciliation 

  • Income Statements

  • Balance Sheets

  • General Ledger clean-up

  • Consultation

  • Financial Statements

  • Financial Analysis

  • Quarterly Taxes

  • Annual Sales Tax Report

We offer services on the following programs:

  • Quickbooks

  • Sage

  • XE

We will customize a service package specifically for your business needs. Whether you need more basic outsourced accounting and bookkeeping or more complex budget planning, we can help! 

our services

Covington Accounting was founded by Danielle Cabrera in 1983. This family business is operated by Danielle and her daughter Joline Sokol. Together, the two specialize in small business accounting and have served over 300 businesses in the Orange County area. Their combined experiences provide premier accounting and financial services specifically catered to the needs of each client.   

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